Rockets, blogs and PowerShell

I see you found my simple blog. Welcome to it’s first post!


Why are we here?
You, maybe

Great question! Maybe you’ve finally clicked every link on the web and stumbled into this by accident? Or maybe the title was to exciting to miss? Keep on reading and I might explain the title.


What is this place?

This could be the place for my future ramblings about topics I’m interested in. It could also be a blog with a single, lonely post (this) - only time will tell.

Hopefully there are more ahead and the most likely topics are:

I enjoy learning and experimenting with new technology and hopefully some of those journeys might result in a post as well.


What does a rocket, a blog and PowerShell have in common?

Nothing really. I learn best by trial and error so sometimes I need an excuse to try something new. This time it was all about the rocket.

The rocket🚀 refers to Astro, a modern web framework for content-focused websites. Features that caught my eye:

The blog ✍️ is this website, the project I decided to build to try out Astro. It was time to upgrade my old single-page website. This way I get to learn Astro while improving my knowledge about HTML, CSS/SASS, TypeScript, Markdown/MDX and last but not least, writing content.

Finally there’s PowerShell ⚡, the topic most likely to be featured here. PowerShell is my main technology and what most of you might associate me with already.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you back here in the future.